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Visualizing Dowry Harassment in Delhi

In Delhi, India, the law requires married couples to register any dowries—the transfer of money or property from a bride’s family to the husband as a condition of marriage. The Hindustan Times has created a data visualization illustrating the 1,130 dowries registered in the first half of 2017 in Delhi. In 959 of these cases, women reported being harassed for a dowry of money or property, and in over half of all cases, women reported paying or being asked to pay a combined total of over ₹66 crore (U.S. $10,314,110). One out of three women reported harassment for not providing the right make of car as part of the dowry. Some harassment cases are more severe—54 women died as a result of dowry harassment, and five were threatened with the publication of a sex tape if they failed to pay their dowry.

Take a look.


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